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The Appalachian Women's Alliance is a trading platform singapore network of women and girls in Appalachian communities who are raising consciousness and self-esteem, sharing leadership and power, creating a common vision, and taking collective action.

Together, we are working for economic justice, human rights and dignity, safety for women and children, and the preservation of our Appalachian mountains, culture, and communities.

Our Appalachian Women's Journal and newsletter allow Appalachian women to speak to one another and to the rest of crypto trading the world in our own words.

Ironweed and Mountain Women Rising lift up the struggles and triumphs of Appalachian women through poetry and prose, story and song, while educating, challenging, and inspiring participants to move to informed action around the issues we address.

Our Women's Caravan enables women to raise awareness of issues in our own communities and to reach out to others living in isolated areas.

Our Clinchco Center is a model for what we all can accomplish through local organizing and action.

And our Workshops and Sister Gatherings are safe spaces to work on self-esteem, leadership skills, and become more educated about the issues affecting our cryptocurrency singapore communities, our nation, and our world.




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