Artists for Social Change Join Ironweed Network

The Appalachian Women's Alliance is building a network of women musicians, performance artists, authors, activists, community members, universities, and other institutions working for social change in Appalachia.

By joining the Ironweed network, artists are given a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with others to bring the arts as well as the work of the Women's Alliance into communities and onto campuses.

Network members come together at the annual Ironweed Gathering to develop innovative approaches for lifting up the authentic voice of Appalachian women through the Alliance's network of artists, authors and activists as well as through the Appalachian Women's Journal and Mountain Women Rising.

All members are asked to support and promote Mountain Women Rising, the Alliance's performance presentation comprised of stories, poems and songs written by, for, and about Appalachian women. Besides conveying a strong sense of culture and place, the performance addresses issues of violence against women, racism, poverty, and the environment.

The Alliance acts as an advocate for members of the network by publishing works in the Appalachian Women's Journal, promoting performers through Mountain Women Rising and Ironweed, providing opportunities for institutions and universities to preview and book performances, and posting information and links on the Alliance website.

So if you are a woman musician, author, or performance artist and are interested in being a part of the Appalachian Women's Alliance and our work, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.O. BOX 688 * FLOYD, VIRGINIA 24091 *

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