We need to envision the world we want and then express it in ways that touch the heart as well as the mind. It has worked before, and it can work again.

 ~Candie Carawan @ 2004 Ironweed

Artwork by Ursula Roma

On this night, at this moment with this breath
En esta noche, en este momento, con este respiro
We evoke the communal spirit of justice
Nosotros evocamos el spirito de comunidad y justicia
We break bread with our neighbors, we extend our hand to our enemies and we pray for global justice
Nosotros partimos el pan con nuestros vecinos, estendemos nuestras manos al enemigo y pedimos por justicia universal
We feed our souls with the courage of those who have dared to break the silence of oppression
Nosotros le damos de comer a nuestras almas con el valor de aquellos que tuvieron el coraje de romper el silencio de la oppression
We honor the holy places of protests, the streets, the marches, the public halls, the seat on the segregated bus, the brown hand who refused to pick the grape, the power to love in spite of hatred and shame, and we are strengthened by the convinction of those who dared to spit in the master's soup.
Nosotros honoramos los lugares santos de protesta, las calles y desfiles, los pasillos politicos, el asiento en la guagua segregada, la mano mora que no recogio la uva , el amor que ama envuelto en verguenza y recimos fuerza en la convicion de aquellos que escupireron en la sopa del patron. 
~From Invocation by Marta Miranda @ 2005 Ironweed

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Ironweed celebrates the artistic talent, regional leadership and courageous lives of Appalachian women through music, storytelling, poetry, dance, and visual arts.

The Ironweed Gathering offers students and activists an opportunity to preview a performance of Mountain Women Rising as well as individual performances from our network of Artists for Social Change, and to connect with our Appalachian Women's Journal authors, and local leaders.

If you represent an Organization, University, or other Institution that is looking for ways to educate and inspire your constituency around issues of race, class, gender, and the environment, please contact us about participating.

Institutional participants include the University of Richmond, Ferrum College, the Appalachian Studies Association, Eastern Kentucky University, Just Connections, Maryville College, Berea College, Kenyon College, Hollins University, and Radford University. 


Gallery of Artists

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Ironweed: 1997 - 2007

"Invocation" at Ironweed 2005

Taking A Stand: Guerilla Theater at Ironweed 2004

Children's Creativity and Diversity

Catch the Spark: Ironweed 2003

The Enchantment of Ironweed 2002: Creating Our Own Way

Cultural Pride and Prejudice: Ironweed 2001

Ironweed Reflects Diverse Heritage of Women in the Region

 Festival Pix: 1997-2001


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