Bunk Beds
The top bunk is for secrets, for hiding, sorting through loot, stashing special toys.
It's for writing in diaries, escaping wild animals, imagination.
It's not for a single woman, clutching her purse in a shelter full of strangers.
It's not for silent heart attacks away from family, afraid of the dark and the dismal future.
~ Mary Owens, Volume 19
Because I Am A Woman
 It's a small world but I survive it with love.
I fight for my rights because I am a woman.
It doesn't matter if I am a woman or not to me,
I don't want to be mistreated at all.
~ Amy Honeycutt, 8yrs. old, Volume 7

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The Appalachian Women's Journal is published by and for women of the mountains. By sharing our thoughts and our dreams, our sorrows and our joys, we hope to gain strength from each other and break down the barriers that isolate us.


One Woman Parade

The beat up Chevy moves slowly down Main Street,
two flags of red, white and blue wave--one from
each front window. I watch for marching bands
and colorful floats, but none follow.
As the car chugs and circles the courthouse,
I see the huge GOD BLESS AMERICA banner
on the back windshield. Scribbled in defiant
letters in the dust underneath is:
                  "...AND GOD HELP BATTERED WOMEN!"
Then I recognize the one woman parade,
a neighbor recently liberated from a husband
who had beaten her black and blue for years.
While he awaits trial in jail for attempted murder
(hers), she drives his car--a part of the
divorce settlement. I blow my horn in support.
She waves and smiles like the grand marshal
of her own parade for justice and freedom.
~ Carolyn Bertram-Arnold, Volume 19
copyright Appalachian Women's Alliance 2007
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