Sister Gatherings are an opportunity to

  • see old friends and make new ones;
  • learn more about the Women's Alliance and what it means to women's lives;
  • attend workshops on each of the issues the Alliance addresses;
  • kick back with the infamous Alliance Coffeehouse; and
  • talk about the situation of women in Appalachia today and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Most importantly, Sister Gatherings are a safe space to gather new tools for working towards peace and human rights, economic justice, and safety for women and children in Appalachian communities.

 P.O. BOX 688 FLOYD, VIRGINIA 24091 *



 Thanks to our Cincinnati sisters for hositng a wonderful gathering !
Hot topics at our most recent Sister Gathering ranged from bridging differences of race and privilege to working together for universal healthcare and fighting the influx of drugs into Appalachian communities.

Highlights included a walking tour of the Lower Price Hill community in Over-the-Rhine, and coffeehouse performances by Mountain Women Rising, Sola & Tinu Daboiku and Cindy Dean, along with readings from Mattie Jones and Beverly Combs.

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