Mountain Women Rising
A Performance Presentation of the Appalachian Women's Alliance

Come with us on a journey through the mountains as Alliance members and Appalchian artists weave a tapestry of women's lives through poetry and prose, story and song.

Experience the struggles and triumphs of Appalachian women from diverse cultures and communities. Learn about the Alliance's work for human rights and dignity, economic justice, and safety for women and children. Join with us as we sing songs of civil rights and environmental healing.

Mountain Women Rising is a 45-60 minute presentation on the work and issues of the Appalachian Women's Alliance. An excellent educational experience appropriate for classes in social studies, women's studies, and Appalachian studies, the performance can also be supplemented with workshops on related issues and art forms.  

From classrooms to women's shelters, conferences to festivals, live performances to video and audio experiences, Mountain Women Rising will enlighten, inform and entertain.

Call or e-mail for information about fees and availability.
P.O. BOX 688 * FLOYD, VIRGINIA 24091 *


Workshops & Performances

 The Appalachian Women's Alliance offers a variety of workshops on the issues we address, as well as our Performance Presentation, Mountain Women Rising. If you represent a Group, Organization, or Institution that might benefit from our experience and insights, please contact us about coming to your community.

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* From Structures of Fear to Circles of Hope *

* Journaling Your Way Out *

* Understanding Culture, Class and Race in Appalachia *

* The Arts as a Tool For Change *

* Poverty and Power *

* The Appalachian Clothesline Project: End Violence Against Women and Children *

* Children's Workshop Celebrating Culture & Diversity in Appalachia *


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